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Three papers presented at CNMCA 2012, one elected as Best Paper

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      The 2012 annual conference of China New Media Communication Association (CNMCA 2012), with a theme of “Social Media, Digital Network and Globalization”, held at Macau University, Dec 7-8. Three articles from members of Post-70s Intercultural Communication Innovation Research Team of Wuhan University has been selected and presented on the conference. Among them, the article  “Internet Nationalism: Conflicts between Reality and Imagination — A study on Chinese Netizens’ boycott about <Kungfu Panda >” by Xiao Jun and Zheng Ruke has been elected as Best Paper on the Conference, which is said to be awarded to only two papers.

      CNMCA 2012 is a high standard international conference co-organized by the Department of Communication, University of Macau and China New Media Communication Association (CNMCA). Distinguished scholars like Professor William H. Dutton form Oxford University, Professor Carolyn A. Lin from University of Connecticut, Professor Gustavo Cardoso from Lisbon University Institute, and Jonathan Zhu from City University of Hong Kong all came to Macao, and shared ideas about communication and social media. Besides them, scholars from all parts of the world came to attend the meeting. In addition to Wuhan University, researchers and post-graduate students from Fudan university, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Communication University of China , Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University.etc are presented at the meeting.

      Papers by associate professors Xiao Jun, Yang Man and Weng Ziyang of Post-70s Intercultural Communication Innovation Research Team were selected and presented in the conferences, namely “Internet Nationalism: Conflicts between Reality and imagination — A study on Chinese Netizens’ boycott about <Kungfu Panda >”,“How China’s Netizens Doubt the Safety of Genetically Modified Food - - A Case study on Sina Blog” and “Intercultural Communication Problems in Social Games” .

      Dr. Xiao’s paper focus on the internet nationalism independent of state. They studies Chinese netizens’ boycott about Kungfu Panda movie series both in 2008 and 2011 and raised a research question as : is there internet nationalism in China? Is it related closely to the state or it’s just about culture? In their presentation, Dr. Xiao outlined their view on how the network has changed the way we view our own culture and also, the network society does witness a trend of culture convergence.

Picture presented by @中国新媒体传播 at 15:20、15:22 , Dec 7th

      Dr. Yang presented her study from the perspective of scientific communication. Her paper takes articles related to anti-genetically modified food in Sina Blog as examples and then analysis how  China’s netizens assess the safety of genetically modified food from a non-scientific view.

      Dr. Weng’s paper is presented at the conference by his co-writer, Xu Xuanzi from Sorbonne University, France. The paper focuses on the intercultural communication problems of the recently emerging social games worldwide. Through study, they find that the deeply globalized social game industry is driven by the market.

      The CNMCA 2012 focused on new media the frontier of communication studies. It brought profound discussions and thoughts on the development of journalism and communication and what will be in the future. Among all the topics , Behaviors and Content Analysis through Big Data, New Media and Globalization , New Media and Politics are the hot issues, which will also help a lot with the “new technology and cross-culture communication ” studies we “Post-70s Research Team” is focusing now.

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