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那迪(Nadeem Akhtar), PhD candidate, affiliated with School of Journalism and Communication, Wuhan University. I got my Master degree in English Language and Literature and in Political Science from International Islamic University and Peshawar University respectively. Apart from that, I worked as an interpreter with one German NGO, ADH, and as a Literacy Coordinator in National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) in Pakistan.

Learning is a journey and I firmly believe that every moment of life teaches us some lessons in one way or the other and leads us towards truth and humanity. That’s what I learned during my three and half years stay in China to follow my PhD program in Intercultural Communication at School of Journalism and Communication, Wuhan University. Based on my personal experiences and adjustment problems, I decided to work on cross cultural adaptation of international students. I have presented different research papers in different international academic conferences inside and outside China.

I got the inspiration for my current study (PhD research work) from my classmates and friends’ approach towards new culture and language in which they absorbed very quickly. Following are the papers which I presented in different international conferences.

1. My first endeavor was to analyze the cultural anxiety among international students and its impact on their academic life. The results showed that food and cultural distance are the main predictors which derailed the process of international students’ adjustment and bring them into constant anxiety which ultimately negatively affected their study.

2. My second work was African students’ adaptation in Chinese universities. During my stay here, I observed that African students are adjusting to Chinese environment very fast, especially to handle the language problems. I tried to identify that what are the main factors. I found in my study that majority of the African students speak French language and their English is not so good. Similarly due to new to this environment they also cannot speak Chinese. So, it was found that these communication barriers compel them to learn Chinese language and with the passage of time, after interaction with international students, they also become able to communicate in English as well.

3. My third work is about gender differences and their adaptation process. It was found in the study that female international students are more satisfied in China as compare to men.

4. One paper is about the language role in intercultural competence in Chinese society and it was found that language skills is associated with socio-cultural as well as academic adaptations for the academic sojourners.

5. Recently, I presented one paper in Shanghai Normal University, China, in which I compared the adaptation process of South Asian and Southeast Asian international students in Chinese universities. It was assumed that cultural proximity and language competence played crucial role in the adaptation of Southeast Asian academic sojourners as compare to South Asian academic sojourners.

To summarize the works presented in different conferences, all the papers contributed in the existing literature on international students with special reference to China where international students are facing number of problems to adjust with new environment.

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