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雅克•德莫尔宫(Jacques Demorgon),法国哲学家与社会学家。早年就读巴黎索尔邦大学,曾任波尔多、兰斯、巴黎等大学哲学与社会学教授,法国国家行政学院、法国国家法学院兼职教员。并曾在施耐德公司和农业信贷银行等大型企业任职。发表跨文化理论研究专著数部。长期以来,和各国跨文化学者共同研究世界文化历史极其相互适应理论,从历史看当今跨文化传播现象及前景,并探索出一系列理论及方法。其主要专著有《文化与跨文化之复杂性:拼弃单一观念》,《消除非人性:解读艾德卡•莫兰》,《跨文化社会学研究》,《世界跨文化史》,《欧洲跨文化动力学研究》。

Jacques Demorgon has been a professor of philosophy and sociology (Universities of Bordeaux, Reims, Paris) as well as a trainer and Consultant (ENA and businesses). He has served as an expert advisor to l'Unesco and l'Ofaj. He has conducted long term action research on multicultural, transcultural, and intercultural situations involving trinational groups living with each other. His work shows how imperative it is to establish multicultural coolaboration on the basis of two poles that are both complementary and neglected, the use of multiple perspectives enlightened by understanding the forces that give rise to different cultures.

He is the author of numerous articles and books of theory and practice in France, Germany, and Switzerland. In 2005 he published Les sports dans le devenir des societes et Critique de flnterculturel. Earlier works include: Complexite des cultures et de flnterculturel, 3e ed. 2004 ; Dynamiques interculturelles pour l'Europe, 2003 ; L'histoire interculturelle des societes, 2e ed. 2002 ; L'interculturation du monde, 2000 (Anthropos Economica), Guide de flnterculturel en formation, 1999. Germany, France, Great Britain, Japon and the USA have been the subjects of his Strategie cultural studies.

Three of his books are found in German: Interkulturelle Erkundungen ; EuropaKompetenz lernen ; Kulturelle Barrieren im Kopf - Bilanz und Perspektiven des Interkulturellen Managements (Campus Verlag).

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